Drag Wheels 12x1.5 Black Open End Forged Steel Extended Lug Nuts

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SKU: SN-S1Bk1215

Drag Lug Nut Features:

  • Compatible with 12mm diameter x 1.5mm thread pitch wheel studs
  • Manufactured from SCM435 cold forged Steel
  • Open end design for use on extended wheel studs
  • Knurled end for better grip and easier installation
  • Each set includes twenty (20) lug nuts and one (1) key


  • Please verify there is sufficient space for the lug nut key as it may not fit wheels with smaller lug holes
  • Compatible with aftermarket wheels with a 60 degree tapered lug seat
  • These lugs cannot be used with factory or any other wheels that have a different style lug seating (45 degree tapered, cup, flat, etc)