Megan Racing Corolla 93-02 Front Upper Race Spec Strut Tower Bar

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Fits: Toyota Corolla 93-02 Front Upper

One-Piece Race Spec Strut Tower Bar constructed of strong Aluminum to extremely tight tolerances and then polished to perfection. Designed for the Toyota Corolla to decrease body roll, this bar ties the chassis from left to right at critical stress points (Between the shock/strut towers).

As you drive and maneuver, your car undergoes many different forces that the chassis of the car absorbs; the brace helps to absorb the energy and directs these forces into your suspension components so that they can better do their job and serve their purpose more effectively.

A must for any track-driven, and a great addition to any street or show car, this bar truly lives up to the Megan Racing name.

-Toyota 1993-2002 Corolla Front Upper Race Bar

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