Megan Racing Toyota AE86 83-87 Tie Rod power steering Arms MRS-TY-0662

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SKU: MRS-TY-0662

Fits: Toyota AE86 83-87(power steering only)

The AE86 Toyota Corolla is already 20 years old, and yet to this day remains an reckoning force in motor-sports. Most predominantly used in drifting, the AE86 dominates the drift series against opponents with overwhelming power and advanced technology while sticking to the basics of performance with balance and agility.

The AE86 Corolla is well balanced and is most often powered by the race-proven 4A-GE motors that transfer energy through their FR-Drive-train. Though this vehicle is an amazing vehicle in it s stock form, it always leaves something to be desired for the truth enthusiast who has the need to bring the most out of their performance machine.

Megan Racing is now taking on the AE86 Corolla GT-S/SR-5 by unveiling a series of performance parts. These Inner Tie Rods are constructed of a durable steel alloy which is much stronger that the OEM pieces that have a tendency to bend and break. With the spacer built into their knuckle, they allow the steering rack more travel to achieve the highest possible angle.

Specifications & Features:
  • 5mm spacer machined in for increased angle without compromising safety.
  • Forged Construction for Light-Weight.
  • Increased Angle is a necessity for any competitive drift car.