Megan Racing Toyota MR2 89-95 SW20 Tie Rod End Arms MRS-TY-1060

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SKU: MRS-TY-1060

Fits: Toyota MR2 89-95 SW20

The MRS is Toyota's most recent version of their popular Mid-Ship platform that has been the favorite of many track-minded drivers for almost two decades. Although difficult to master, the MR-Platform is considered perhaps the strongest platform as the car has the ability to be a perfect 50:50 balance of weight between the wheels.

The MR-Platform is difficult to master due to the sensitivity of weight-transfer which can cause the car to seem unstable; because of this fact the alignment is absolutely CRUCIAL in this vehicle and can greatly effect the stability and handling.

These adjustable Tie-Rod ends offer a higher angle of deviation which gives slightly more steering angle and more predictability when nearing steering-lock. The 15mm of bump-steer adjustment allows the tuner to keep the control arm and tie rod at similar angles to keep a more predictable steering characteristic in this already touchy car. This allows the driver to get a more direct feel for the car and a more predictable reaction which gives the driver more confidence.

Specifications & Features:
  • Higher angle-deviation of 45-Degrees which allows for more steering angle and predictability near the steering-lock.
  • Spacers allow for 0,5,10 or 15mm of Bump-Steer correction to keep your suspension arms aligned.
  • Castle nuts and cotter pins keep the tie-rods secured and eliminates any possibility of the hardware backing-out.
  • Constructed of a High-Strength Steel Alloy which is then powder-coated with a 3-Stage Coating for corrosion protection and long-lasting durability.
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