Megan Racing Toyota MRS 00-05 Rear Lower Arms MRS-TY-1020

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SKU: MRS-TY-1020

Fits: Toyota MRS 00+

These lower arms replace the factory units to give you more adjust ability in camber. The suspension geometry on the rear of the MR-S chassis usually causes too much negative camber than what is needed when the ride height is lowered. These arms offer the camber adjust ability to get the camber specifications within tolerable numbers. The pillow ball helps with rigidity and reduce any play found in rubber bushings. These control arms are extremely strong for any extreme driving and powder coated with Megan Racing colors.

Max/Min Lengths (hole center to hole center):
Minimum: 13 27/32"
Maximum: 15 5/8"

When lengthening these rear lower arms, please keep in mind that the minimal amount of thread engagement should meet or exceed the diameter size of the bolt thread itself.