Megan Racing VW Tiguan 2007+ MR-CDK-VWT07 Euro coilover kit

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Application: VW Tiguan 2007-16


Megan Euro Series coilover suspension is the best way to lower your VW Tiguan. Now you can get full ride height adjustment with 32 levels of damping to improve handling. Some applications can be dropped up to 3" and come with camber plates. Megan Racing coils offer best in it's class between ride height and comfort.


  • Spring Rate Front: 5 kg/mm Rear: 5 kg/mm
  • Front Top Mount Aluminum CNC Upper Mount Paired With Rubber Inserts (NON ADJUSTABLE CAMBER)
  • Rear Top Mount Original OEM Top Mount Reused
  • 32 Way Damping Force Adjustment
  • Single-Cylinder Design - mono-tube
  • 1 year manufacturer-defect warranty