Tsudo 20011-16 scion tc Titanium tip Catback exhaust

Tsudo 2011-16 Scion tC S2 JDM Catback Titanium Burnt Tip Exhaust

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    SKU: 20-9377-A

    Fits: 2011-16 Scion tC

    Product Type: Tsudo S2 Catback Titanium Burnt Tip exhaust muffler

    The Scion TC is a well rounded car that is a blast to drive, but that doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. The Tsudo S2 Catback Exhaust with a Titanium Burnt tip will provide your Scion Tc with performance, visual, and audio gains. Tsudo products are manufactured out of 100% stainless steel and mandrel bent through out the system. The result of this is a perforated core, straight through design for unrestricted and smooth flowing ehaust. The result of this design gives the Scion TC improved horsepower, torque and throttle response. The Scion TC is a great looking car, and the 4 inch burnt tip compliments the edgy style of this car, not over the top but definitely a nice addition to the body lines of the car. Lastly, when you fire up the car, or let your foot down on the gas, you will hear the engine spring to life with a deep exhaust note that isn't overbearing, but fits well with the style of the car. Look amazing, Sound great and perform better with the Tsudo S2 Catback Exhaust with burnt tip. 

    • JDM slanted look S2 performance cat-back Titanium Burned Tip exhaust system
    • Second catalytic converter is replaced with a resonator (cat-less) for performance
    • Perforated core straight-through muffler design for smooth, unrestricted performance
    • Produces a deep, aggressive exhaust note
    • Tuned piping diameter maximizes power gains
    • Improves horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage
    • Manufactured from T304 / SUS304 stainless steel for durability and high corrosion resistance
    • CNC machine mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing for maximum exhaust flow
    • Significant weight reduction compared to OEM exhaust system
    For Stainless Steel Tip Cleck Here
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    1. Waaaay better than stock

      I've had the exhaust installed for just over two weeks now and have had no issues so far. I spent close to a year trying to decide which exhaust to get, and I was between this and the Megan Racing Catback. I ended up going with this one for the price (I got it for $290 here at SE Motorsports during a flash sale), plus I liked the audio clips that I had heard from this one over the Megan Racing one. Of course, I was a bit skeptical, as to how it could be so cheap, but let me tell you that the price is not indicative of the quality of this exhaust! Firstly, the exhaust itself is very sturdy! The blue tip really adds a nice taste to my grey TC2 as well. The install was also extremely simple. All the necessary hardware came with it, and it didn't take too long to figure out how to install it. If you have a basic tool set and a floor jack along with jackstands, an experienced person could do this install in under an hour. It uses all the OEM hangars, and I haven't had any issues with it brushing up against my rear bumper or anything. Lastly, the sound is amazing! It's an immediate change from the stock. It has a nice grumble which provides just enough bass without being stupid loud. I also don't think it sounds ricey either so that's a nice plus. It does get a bit loud on the interior when driving at highway speeds, but I would not say it's an annoying drone kind of sound. Launches sound extremely good as well. If you're considering getting this exhaust, I highly recommend it, and SE Motorsports is definitely the place that you would want to check with for the exhaust. Ordering and shipment was very simple and got my exhaust within a week of ordering it. on 9th Aug 2017

    2. Awesome!

      Not only was it priced perfect but the product looks and sounds amazing. Installation was simple. My only complaint would be about the shipping the box was torn and ripped up on 29th May 2017

    3. Awesome for the price!

      For $330 bucks it's hard to beat! Definitely would recommend. It is on the louder side but super easy to bolt up to your car! on 1st Nov 2016

    4. Awesome exhuast!!!!

      Came in a big box. Nice and well package. Its easy to install, just take off the old exhaust and bolt it on. Has a nice and deep sound to it for myc 2015 scion tc. on 5th Oct 2016

    5. great system

      Love the exhaust, it got here fast and sounds great on 24th Aug 2016

    6. tsudo catback exhaust

      I couldn't be any more happy with my exhaust. I had come in this HUGE box and when I had received it I just couldn't wait to get it open. Soon there after I got it on my car with some help with a buddy of mine. The only thing I wish (since you will be spending a decent amount of money) is that some of the parts inside the box the exhaust comes with are better. Instead of using the original screws, tsudo makes it so you have to use theirs. As well as when you put the exhaust on some parts don't fit perfectly together. Being a perfectionist it slightly bugs me however the music the exhaust makes it all better! Definitely worth getting!! on 14th Apr 2015

    7. AWESOME!

      So, you can definitely feel a little bit of gain with this exhaust but who really cares about that?
      It makes your tC sound like it has more balls, and thats what counts.
      I am going to give it five stars even though I had to make a slight adjustment to the holes used to bolt the resonator to my s-pipe. They didn't quite line up, so I used a drill to widen the holes(took ten seconds).

      Other than that, all was fine and the install took less than an hour.

      All in all a little bit of hp gain, deeper(way louder) sound, and it looks much better than the stock exhaust.
      on 7th Mar 2014

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    Tsudo 2011 Scion TC S2 Catback Exhaust System

    Tsudo 2011 Scion TC S2 Catback Exhaust System http://www.semotors.com/products/.htmltsudo_2011_up_tc_s2_cat_back_exhaust.html
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